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A Mom of Two.

Being a Mom of 2 is so rewarding…Yet so hard. Ha! The past couple of weeks have gone by in a blur and I can’t believe little Bennett is almost 3 weeks old already. This morning I had some prayer time in the car (so needed) and I have been realizing over the past couple of days that this life, this crazy busy, boy-driven life of mine is a gift the Lord has given me. Seems easy to process, right?! Also easy to lose sight of. This is my family. These are His children that He gave to Brian and I to raise. He is honoring us with their life. Wow! When I think of the magnitude of that I am in awe. Yes, it has been an adjustment. Definitely. But my motto right now is that soon this life will be my ‘new normal’ and I won’t know any differently. I don’t wish away these moments, or at least I don’t try to, but I love the glimpses in my day when I feel caught up. When I feel a bit more normal. Like yesterday. And today. Everyday is getting better and better. I know there will be those days – ahh, those days when time could not go faster until you hear your husband pull in the driveway – but right now I am doing my best to soak in BOTH of my boys and love ’em up as much as I can. I was thinking of things I wanted to remember during this time – and I started making a list – something I wish I would have had handed to me as I walked out of the hospital and into this new life. Some are funny…some are serious…all are true.

What I’ve learned in 2 weeks as a Mom of 2.

  • there is nothing sweeter than a newborn in your arms. the smell of them. the softness of them. the teeny-tininess of them.
  • life as the 3 of you is gone. your toddler feels it. you feel it. your husband feels it.
  • being a mom of 2 is a balancing act. one that doesn’t come with instructions. you have to figure it out for yourself.
  • I ask for grace daily.
  • baby needs you constantly. your husband handles the toddler most of the time while you’re getting used to having a newborn around again.
  • when your husband comes home from work, YOU spend time with your toddler. he misses his mommy.
  • ‘tickle’ your newborn with your toddler. read to him. do things with your baby that your toddler enjoys so he can help and watch.
  • don’t try on your pre-prego pants in the first 2 weeks post-delivery
  • remember your hormones are CrAZy…cut yourself some slack!
  • both children can have your attention at the same time. try to include your toddler in feeding times, or have him ‘help’ you change baby’s diaper. another tip i learned: have a box/bag of toys that your toddler can only play with while you’re nursing. gives them something to look forward to the countless times a day you’re feeding your newborn!
  • let people help you! when they offer, accept!
  • cereal is just fine for dinner.
  • laundry can wait.
  • cleaning can wait.
  • sleep when your toddler sleeps!
  • remember that this is a season – a season that goes by way too quickly.
  • smile. everyday.
  • laugh with your toddler.
  • hug your husband as often as you can.
  • spend time daily in prayer.

The list could go on – but these are some I had written down right away. Hope they make you laugh or come in handy! 🙂

An update on Bennett – at his 2 week check-up he weighed 9 lbs. 6 oz. He is a big boy! He was born at 8 lbs. 2 oz. and when we left the hospital he was 7 lbs. 13 oz. He has more than passed his weight requirement! He sure doesn’t seem like he’s such a big boy but he’s really strong already and quite the little wiggle worm. Such a different body type than Logan. I’m hoping for a chunky baby 🙂

We did find out, however, that his urine test came back positive for CMV. It was quite a shocker. We don’t know what this means – just more tests, bloodwork, and further tests as he grows. He went in today for lab work and they drew a bunch of blood for various tests. Then at 6 months they will re-check his hearing (which he passed in the hospital) and also check his eyes. So far the initial tests are all really positive. It just turns into another waiting game as sometimes CMV can produce symptoms in toddlers – all of a sudden your 3-year-0ld can start to loose hearing as a result of CMV- so we’re just praying for healing and protection from any of that!

Life in the Senske household is crazy but fun! We are heading up north for Memorial Wknd and I honestly can’t wait to spend time with my parents, siblings, and wake up every morning to the beautiful lake and green grass. Ahhh, heaven! We are pretty excited. Happy Weekend!

I took these today…

look at that little man!



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Introducing Bennett Harker Senske {7 days old}

We’re happy to announce that we had another little addition to our family – and he was a BOY!

Bennett Harker Senske
May 9, 2010 – yes, Mother’s Day!
8 lbs 2 oz.
21″ long

First, I’ll give you the meaning of his name. Bennett in Latin means ‘blessed‘ We had always loved the name but for me it was more solidified during the rough patch we hit this winter with sickness in our house and the worry over this little baby inside of me and whether or not he/she would have CMV. After that, I loved the name even more and truly felt blessed to be carrying another child that seemed healthy through the ultrasounds – the initial tests done at the hospital on little Bennett are also very positive and all looks great with him!  Harker is my mom’s maiden name –  my grandparents are my godparents and have played a huge role in my life growing up and into adulthood. If this little one was a boy or girl, the middle name was going to be Harker. We loved it and love middle names with meaning – Harker suited Bennett. Logan is now calling him ‘baby Binit’ and the name fits.

I had a little mini-session with Bennett when he was 7 days old – luckily my husband likes what I do because he was a great help with my props. Every time I look at him I can’t believe he’s ours. And that I’m a

{mom of 2 boys}

It feels so right to me. We are so blessed. Even though this is a huge transition in our life, and some moments are harder than others, the joy these boys will bring us over the years is unimaginable. This is our family. Wow. Thank you, Lord.

some awake time in his bouncer…

{brothers} at the hospital…love these…


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Happy Mother’s Day

I’m sitting in my office right now dreaming about this new little baby that will be joining us any day. Then it got me wondering about the little feet I hear running upstairs and the reading our little man is doing with his daddy. Then I started thinking about being a Mom.

{and how much I adore this privilege}

Thank you, Lord. Thank you for giving me the son that I have and the new little boy or girl growing inside of me. Thank you for allowing me to go on this journey with my husband, whom I love and cherish so much, and for Your grace every morning. We are not perfect parents, we don’t even try to be. We do try to communicate openly, to come to You with everything, to lay down our burdens, fears and joy in front of You. Thank you for the gift of parenthood, for the joy I get from being a mom, for giving us Your beautiful children to raise and love. I can’t even write anymore without choking up. I feel so honored to be a Mom.

{okay…break time}

I’m back: Tomorrow is Mother’s Day – and this one feels different. Because now I am a Mom of 2. Even though little Senske hasn’t arrived yet, I’m still a Mom of 2. And that feels different. I can’t believe that in less than 2 weeks, we’ll hopefully have another little one of these (if I’m still writing this in another 2 weeks, someone call my DR and beg her to take this kid out of me! :))

Who, in no time, will turn into one of these:

and tonight, before Mother’s Day is officially here, I want to thank my mom. She is an incredible woman of strength, a pillar in our family, one who I learned a lot from and continue to learn a lot from as an adult and Mom myself. She is incredible! She was responsible for 5 children growing up – 4 girls and one boy. There are days where I pray for strength with just my one boy we have now, let alone adding another 4 to that.

{Whoa Mom}.

I do want to thank her, publicly, on my blog for anyone to read. Because she taught me about living life to the fullest, about not sweating the small stuff (still learning that one), about multi-tasking, laundry, cooking & cleaning – ha ha, have you had my mom’s food?

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. So I had to put it in here.

{Pause: Dad, you’re in this thank you, too 🙂 I hope you know that! But Mom, keep reading}

She taught me to appreciate the outdoors, to love the quiet you experience when you walk through the woods and breath in fresh air. She taught me how to express myself through writing. She would leave little notes for me, send me cards in college, write me lengthy emails about what she had going on in her life. She taught me how to communicate with her – and I can only hope that my children will one day feel as open with me as I always have been with my Mom. Sometimes I joke that I tell her too much – but looking back – and now having children of my own – I desire that relationship deeply. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We talk almost everyday and I love it even if we only talk for 30 seconds or 15 minutes (we’re not great phone people but have had to be because of the distance between us- I couldn’t stand not talking with her!). My Mom is versatile. She just had a birthday and she wanted to be with my Dad, drink coffee and go crappie fishing. I’ll repeat – she wanted to go fishing. But I’m sure she would have loved  a nice, quiet dinner and a movie as well. She has long, beautiful black, curly hair and can get dressed up to the nines. But then she can walk out of the house, no make-up on, in her blaze orange to go hunting. She loves to read, but loves to shop when she’s in the right mood. She doesn’t gossip and doesn’t get caught up in it – but she has the best listening ear ever. I sometimes feel like I hang up the phone and didn’t hear her once – just knew she was there, listening, as I clearly needed someone to listen to me. And she does it.

{time and time again}

{because she is a mom}

{and she sacrifices so much, so often, and always has}

Mom, I have learned so much from you and tonight I want to say thank you. Thank you for raising us, for being so selfless, for your kindness and compassion, for your friendship and love. You were such a good balance in my life, you always have been. With 5 kids (and sorry, but a husband) I am in awe of you and all that you accomplished. I love you so much and respect you more than you know. I found these pics and wanted to share them…because where I’m at in my life, they have so much meaning. I love you so much and I’m honoring YOU today.

my mom and I in the hospital – the first picture I have with her

logan and i in the hospital – one of the first pics I have with him

look at my beautiful mom! and me and my cheeks!

and my son’s cheeks 🙂

And oh yeah, she’s the best Grandma, too.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there! What you do isn’t easy – but so rewarding. Let’s enjoy our families today and love up our kiddos!

{The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new.  ~Rajneesh}

{When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.  A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.  ~Sophia Loren, Women and Beauty}

{You don’t really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around – and why his parents will always wave back.  ~William D. Tammeus}

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Becky Higgin’s BIG Photography Giveaway

I first learned of Becky Higgins when I decided to do this ‘Project Life’ thing I’d been hearing so much about. It was my 2010 project goal and I’ve loved doing it. To learn more about PL, visit here. I started following Becky’s blog on a regular basis and one day I saw that she was calling attention to all photographers. Naturally my ears burned with anticipation when I learned that I had the opportunity to give my talent away…for free…to one deserving family. I was in.

I believe we are blessed with gifts that the Lord gives us and He gave me the gift of creativity, of a photographer’s eye, of the ability to use light and subjects to create beautiful pieces of art for families to treasure for years to come. I so wanted to participate in this.

So I am.

And coming up in a day or two my photography will be featured and I will have the chance to choose one deserving family to win a photo session. If you’d like to learn more, visit the site below and stay tuned for updates! My favorite part about all of this – seeing how many photographers were willing to donate their time, energy, gifting and money into this! There are a ton of photographers from MN – LOVE it!

Hopefully we’ll have a baby update for you soon! Things are progressing along nicely – just waiting for this little one to arrive! You know how I love a good post with a few pics…here are some updated ones for you:

spent the afternoon at Chutes & Ladders together…so much fun…

got our deck stained and got new furniture, so wonderful to eat out there!

my best friend, brady, got married in LaCrosse to an amazing girl, Katie. It was a beautiful weekend w/ friends & family!

new haircut and highlights before baby arrives

He shoots, he scores! Logan’s new favorite activity – thanks Grandpa & Grandma!

his other new ‘favorite’ the baby’s carseat!

how do you know that spring is officially here – freezies! love them, eat them constantly

and finally…baby belly at 38 weeks. whoa…little one needs to join us soon 🙂


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