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Baby Clothes, Birthdays, and Megan Ann Uhan

I am so sorry it has been so long since I have last written. I feel like I have blinked and almost 2 weeks have gone by…last weekend I spent time in Chicago with 2 of my favorite people. My friend Meredith, who recently moved to Chicago, and my right hand, Megan. It was such a fun weekend! I am going to get the pictures loaded this weekend and I will post some. I have spent quite a bit of time in that beautiful city because my sister-in-law and brother-in-law lived there. It was fun to visit places we had been before – and great shopping on Michigan Ave. (as always) a trip to Starbucks (of course) and some yummy Mexican food. The best part was definitely the company I had with me…I love those 2 girls!

Speaking of Megan – what a beautiful and amazing friend she is! Honestly, the best. I have been blessed by many good friends in my life and interesting people I’ve met along that way…Megan was someone who just fell into my lap when I started working at Target. She and I clicked instantly and from then on have been inseparable. We go and visit each others families, we spend every waking free moment together, and she knows me inside and out. We have mutual friends from both growing up up north, and Meg became a Christian almost 2 years ago when she was at my apartment. We have had an incredible journey so far together and we know this is just the start to many, many more memories together. “I love her to pieces” (her favorite line…)

One of the best traditions we have is around our birthdays. We always try to do something special for the other person – and usually her and her husband, Matt, and Brian and I will also try to go out to eat together to celebrate. We love spending time together! I truly look forward to what she has in store for me every Feb. 26th! This year she gave me the option of going out to eat and getting a massage, or going out to eat and then spending money on baby clothes. I still have yet to buy ONE thing for my child and thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

So Don Pablos it was, then off to Babies R’ Us. Let me tell you – it was hard finding gender-neutral clothing! But oh so much fun! We found a bunch of adorable outfits in oranges, yellows, and greens, and then we picked the outfits either our boy or girl will come home in from the hospital. One pink outfit with a pink hat, and one blue outfit with a blue hat. We also found an outfit for Daddy, of course, that had an “I love Football” onesie with another onesie of a football helmet with, yes, the #3 on it. He was pumped. I have told him time and time again that even if we have a girl, she can still wear football gear to the Olaf games…I am all about the tom-boyness 🙂 I love it!

So this is a tribute to my dearest friend, Megan, and the gift she has of spoiling me (and my child) to the max. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work right next to me and someone to spend my days with here at Target. You have been my rock in a world that can sometimes be very overwhelming…and I truly do love you to pieces.


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There was nothing more difficult for me this morning than watching my husband sleep while my alarm was going off. He doesn’t have work today – but, at Target, we do! If the stores are open, we are open at Headquarters…which means there are only a few days a year that we actually have ‘off’ without needing to take a vacation day. It is freezing this morning – and my day started off with longing to be in bed cuddled up next to my hubby. Oh well, reality snuck in right when the pelting wind hit my face and I knew it was another Monday! I try to rejoice in the day and be thankful for another one…it was a little more difficult this morning.

Speaking of rejoicing in the day – this weekend Brian and I had the pleasure of leading a group of teenagers to the youth conference, ‘Acquire the Fire’ down at the Target Center. All in all from Bethany, I think there were like 70 kids or something…in our group we had 10 kids – 7 girls and 3 boys…all in high-school. It was incredibly rewarding to watch them rejoicing in the Lord, praising Him through worship, and talking to them about issues they might be having in school, at home, with friends…really anything! It was the most amazing weekend and I think we would both do it again in a heartbeat. I was convinced that the weekend would be all about the kids – I was praying for my heart to be opened to the kids, and whatever they might have going on. I wanted to be keenly aware of their struggles so if the opportunity presented itself, I could witness to them. On top of that happening, I was awakened to a lot that had been going on in MY life (He always works that way, doesn’t he?!). I think being in Corporate America you are hardened to certain things – you want to impress, move up the ladder, make an impact, ‘leave a legacy’ What I didn’t realize was that by doing that, I wasn’t truly pleasing the Lord in my decisions. Being successful at work and being successful in life are two entirely different things. Was I waking up everyday and wanting to please my Father more so than anyone else? Was I thinking about His reaction to my thoughts, actions, and words for that day? I wasn’t. It was a huge awakening for me and all I want to do is make my Heavenly Father proud. My first paragraph of this entry totally negates all that I’m saying. So clearly it is going to take some adjusting – but my hope for myself is that before I think something negative, I think of my Father hearing it. Before I choose to say something out loud, ask myself, “would He be proud of what you are going to say?”

It was such a great weekend and one that I will remember. Brian and I have been singing the worship music non-stop at home and we both laugh and get excited about the kids we met while we were there. We were greeters yesterday morning at church and we both felt it was so rewarding to actually know the youth coming through the doors of Bethany. Typically we would see them walk in, say hello, and be glad we had youth in our church. Now we were searching for them, looking for them to come through the doors so we could give them hugs and ask them how they were doing…it was so wonderful! Have a great Monday today – today is a great day, enjoy it 🙂

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One of my favorite days of the year…Valentine’s Day!

Red, white and pink! Roses, chocolate, cupid with arrows…a day dedicated solely to love. What isn’t to love about Valentine’s Day? I absolutely love this time of year. It may be because Valentine’s Day and my birthday are only 2 weeks apart (my poor husband!) but my love for this day really comes from my Mom. Before any other day, my Mom remembers Valentine’s Day. I always knew growing up that we would have chocolate-filled something, with a card, waiting for us on the kitchen table on 2/14. And every year since then, when I get home to check my mail, there is a package with something Valentine’s Day-related in it. A huge smile comes across my face because I know that is has to do with one of my favorite days.

Yes, I’m wearing red and white today, with pink and red earrings. Yes, I woke up this morning and decorated my husband’s bathroom, yes he sent me flowers, yes I have a heart-shaped tin that I will use to make brownies…today is a day that I truly enjoy and go crazy for. I don’t expect anything on this day, but I do love to give. My husband sent me flowers yesterday with a note that read, “I thought you were special enough to get flowers a day early…” and some other cute things. I’ll see if he does this again for me next year after we have our little one 🙂 Lets hope the romance stays alive!

A friend of mine emailed me this morning and said, “Hello my Valentine” because 2 years ago I heard her call her husband while we were at work and she said that exact line in the cutest voice I’d ever heard…she had no idea I had heard her, of course! And it has been an outstanding joke for us ever since. This day just makes most people smile. For those of you that ‘aren’t all about V-Day’ that’s totally fine! But if I come by with chocolates for you, I hope you at least give me a little smirk…that’s all I ask.

To make you smile today – here are some new pictures of my niece, Anna, wearing her cute heart-shaped PJs and a rockin’ bandana that Grandma let her wear while her Aunties were teaching her how to dance like a hip hop artist. Now when you say, “Anna, what does a horse do? (and she does the horse noise) Anna, what does a fish do? (and she squeezes in her cheeks like a fish) Anna, what does a hip hop artist do?” And she puts one hand in the air and moves it up and down while bobbing her head. She also will touch the ground and bounce up and down (demonstrated below).Probably not the best thing for us to teach her but when Grandma pulled out the pink bandana, and Auntie Jen gave her the speakers with ‘Nelly’ playing…we couldn’t resist!  

 Love each other today and have fun!


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Good advice…

My friend at work, Sara, wrote to me this morning about how she has been reading my blog. She has a daughter, Megan, who is absolutely adorable. When Sara saw pictures of my niece, Anna, she said, “I can’t wait to put pigtails in Megan’s hair!” Sara loves to be a mom and I can tell she is good at it. She gave me this advice and I wanted to share it…

“I’m so excited for you guys!  You’re going to be a great Mom.  It is so fun.Don’t let people try to scare you with horror stories; there are plenty of good ones out there.It sounds like you have family who has already been through it, that should be helpful.I think there are some people who want to win an award by painting the ugliest picture of pregnancy, but it is a beautiful thing. (I had to remind myself of that, telling myself “keep your eye on the prize”)  That helped.”

While I haven’t heard too many bad stories, there are always a few. I can feel the baby move so much now, that he or she is a constant reminder of the growth and development that is happening inside of my body. I beam just thinking about it! And I am so incredibly blessed to have amazing family and friends to guide me through this pregnancy. My sisters for one (Nae, Megan & Keek, thank you!) and my amazing friends at church and work have been so helpful. It is so nice to hear from other moms!

I am anxious to see Brian as a Dad – he will be a great one! And I’m super excited for the day when our child will be surrounded by cousins, cousins, and more cousins.  There is nothing better to me than a huge family!

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Owning a Home

We love where we live. Absolutely love it. We are on a quiet, dead end street and adore our neighbors. This weekend we went to visit our friends, Jess & Josh, in Brainerd. Our trip was cut short due to a text message I received from my sister that said, “little problem with the basement again, backed up in the laundry room big time this time!” Now imagine my surprise at 6 AM on Saturday morning when all I wanted to do was check the time on my cell and I got this instead…fun times! What we later figured out after hours and hours of roto rooter’s services is that we have a collapsed pipe. Are you confused? I was. Back in 1981, the owners of our home had the pipes replaced…well, parts of it anyway. Where the old and the new pipes connected is where the ‘collapse’ happened. The pipes shifted causing one of them to be lower than the other. What this means is that anything that goes out of our pipes goes into the soil, until the water is too heavy that it starts to back up. When it backs up, it backs up into our basement. This is the third time we have dealt with this and now we finally have it figured out! It will be a lot of money, really messy to fix (digging up our front yard) but at least we know what it is. Numerous times we kept looking at each other and saying, “there are worse things in life” even when you don’t feel there can be. We know we are being tested, we just haven’t figured out why yet. It will figure itself out, we know that.

 I also know that my little sister will never buy a house – this is the 2nd time she has had to deal with this at our house, and the third time she has dealt with pipe issues (once at my mom & dads when no one else was around). Poor girl – I promise it usually isn’t this hard, Benny. Thanks again for all you did. Love you!

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One of my girlfriends just found out she has gestational diabetes. She didn’t with her first daughter, but does now with her second pregnancy (a little boy). Hearing her words of struggle are difficult for me, especially because I feel like I can’t comfort her through this time. I pray for her and amazing grace as she’s dealing with this, but I know its very difficult for her and my heart breaks for her. This woman is so incredibly strong, so loving, so giving, so passionate…about everything in her life. We have only been friends for a short time, and in the upcoming months we’ll get closer and closer – but sometimes I feel like I have known her forever. She is truly amazing and my life has been blessed because of her. I write about her today because she inspires me – she inspires me as a Christian, as a wife, a mother, a driven business woman, a photographer…she inspires me in countless ways and the Lord has truly blessed me by her presence in my life! I know that if I ever come across diabetes in my pregnancy, she is the first person I would go to. She would be truthful, honest and yet so incredibly caring. I wish I could do the same for her. All I can do is pray that the Lord’s arms wrap around her tightly and that she feels His presence in her day-to-day, balancing being a mom, a wife, and a businesswoman…and going through this pregnancy as things are changing for her.

I hope you find comfort during this time, N! I love you dear sister-in-Christ and am praying for you and your baby during this time. You are strong and brave! I want you to know this…you are such an encouragement to so many!

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Brunswick Zone

For Superbowl Sunday, about 10 of us went up to Blaine to Matt & Meg’s house (Meg is my dearest friend who works here at Target with me) Brian and I spend a lot of time with her and her husband and just love the 2 of them to pieces. My sister, Jen and her boyfriend Noah were able to come too and we met everyone at Brunswick Zone in Blaine. ( If you want a really fun time, you should definitely go there! I don’t know how to explain to you how amazing laser tag is. It was an absolute blast! I would go there again tonight to play if I could. The first game we played, we played as individuals. The second game was guys vs. girls (we lost but still had fun!). I know there are other Brunswick Zones out there, just make sure they have laser tag! So much fun – and what a better way to play than with friends before the Superbowl 🙂 Thanks Monty & Mego!

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