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Last March we brought home our Goldendoodle, Knox. Goldendoodle? Yes, a goldendoodle. His dad, Marley, is Golden Retriever and his mom, Gigi, is a standard poodle. Both were white so he’s a big white fluff ball. When we brought him home he was just 8 weeks old and wow, has he grown! Here is a picture of him…Just this past Saturday he was brought to the groomers. The groomer told me that his mats were really bad with his 4 inch long hair and that he should be shaved. So now we basically have a poodle at home and I’m still adjusting to it. I started sobbing when I picked him up. Ha, can you imagine? I just wasn’t ready to part with his beautiful hair but knew we had to. It will grow back – and I hope quickly! Enjoy!




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