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Almost Christmas Eve

This morning I woke up at almost 9:00. It was one of those mornings where it takes a few seconds to get your bearings – are you supposed to be at work? Getting in the shower? Running an errand? And then it hit me…I had nothing to do but get up and have coffee with my parents. What a wonderful, relaxing feeling! I walked out to the kitchen and my parents were there playing cards together – Christmas music was playing, the lights on the tree were bright, and snow was falling outside. It was absolutely peaceful. I love this time of year – being home with family and friends, spending time on the frozen lake, lounging around in my pajamas until the late afternoon. It is priceless to me. Earlier today my husband, dad and I went for a long ride on the snowmobiles. We were cruising on the lake, and then took trails that I grew up on – either taking a 3-wheeler back there, or driving a snowmobile, they feel like roads to me. We were out for about 2 hours driving around on the trails, ‘playing’ in the ditches, and just spending time in the beautiful outdoors in northern MN. I am so proud of where I’m from – and love coming up here more than anything. I love getting away from the hussle and bussle of the cities, and the traffic, and the non-stop movement down there. Sometimes I just need to be surrounded by nature, by trees, by birds and wildlife. I come up here to refresh, spend time with my family, and just be me. I absolutely adore it.

This time of year is so amazing – more importantly than anything else, this time of year is a reminder of God’s unfailing love for us. Of His goodness and mercy by giving the world His Son, and asking His Son to die for us. What an incredible gift!


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Knox found a new home…

After a few months of long debate, my husband and I decided to give our dog, Knox, to a family who could take better care of him. It was a very hard decision, but in the end, best for Knox. We work way too much to give him the attention and time he deserves, and we felt terrible every time we had to put him in his kennel for another long day away from us. We found an amazing family, Tony & Deb, and their 10 month old female Goldendoodle, Maya. They hit it off instantly! After seeing Knox chasing her around and following her wherever she went, I knew it was the best decision for him and that he would be happy there. Deb asked me right away, ‘Will Knox sleep with me?’ because she wanted to cuddle with him at night. I told her he would be so spoiled by that because he wasn’t even allowed on our furniture! When I think about him now I’m happy inside – but still miss him a lot. I see his paw prints in the snow on the deck and the tears start, but then I think about him with his new family and I know it was the right decision. Here are some photos of our short-lived life with Knox. Merry Christmas!


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Wise beyond his years.

This morning was a typical Friday morning for me (except for the fact that it is my last work day before Christmas!!) and I was brushing my teeth in my bathroom listening to KTIS, which is a usual occurence in the Senske household. Then I heard Pam say, “listen to this message from a 13-year-old boy named Logan who lives in Nebraska” and I listened intently to the wise words of 13-year-old on fire for the Lord. I don’t know how to explain to you how truthful and honest and passionate his voice sounded. But I wanted to share his message with you. Merry Christmas everyone! Celebrate the season of Christ’s birth and rejoice with your family & friends!

Click to listen to Logan

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Adam, Jackie & Jeter

I was able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sun and snow with Adam, Jackie and their dog, Jeter. What a beautiful family they are! Jeter was especially energized to be outside and I had a tendency to lose him in the snow with all of that white fur. Adam & Jackie invited their family over later for some fun – that basically meant watching their niece, Kayla, look in awe at the Christmas lights, carry around her ‘groceries’ and giggle with her family. It was wonderful to be around them during this holiday season – and what a great family they are!

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