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New Blog!

I’m excited to announce that I have a new blog:

This blog will no longer be used by Jacquelyn Senske Photography. Please update your *favorites* as I know I’m on there ūüôā and we’ll see you at the new site! Thanks for stopping by!


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Two Little Tots Giveaway

Remember Ali Edwards that I posted about earlier? Go and visit NOW as my dear friend Melissa has a giveaway from her adorable Etsy shop Two Little Tots. Enter to win her crayon rolls –¬† I’ve given these as gifts 5-6 times now and LOVE them! They are always a hit!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We got home tonight from G & G On the Lake (my parents in GR) as we were up there for a bridal shower for Katie (my b/f Brady’s fiance) It was a beautiful and fun weekend! Logan couldn’t get enough of his grandparents!

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How to love a child…

I have a few shoots this weekend and I am so looking forward to them!! Leaving in an hour for the first one of the day! Whoo hoo!

Enjoy your Saturday – I found this and wanted to share it about loving a child – so cute!

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more pages to share

Here are a few more pages I had sitting in my files that I wanted to share. My goal is to create his 0-3 month book and 3-6 month book before the summer comes – hmm, we’ll see how that goes with other things I’m balancing. Wish me luck!

First wedding of the season tomorrow – YEA!

family fun during photo shoot

The many faces of Logan

I love you

This was your 6.5 month photoshoot with Mommy


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A sip of life.

My Dad sent me a forward this morning from some of his co-workers. You have to know my Dad to know that it is rare for me to actually open one of his forwards (sorry Dad, its true). He tends to get a little ‘forward-happy’ which is totally fine, it just means I usually don’t have time while I’m at work to open them. This one, however, definitely caught my eye. The part I wanted to mention in my blog was a poem from an 11-year-old fron Denver that was published in the Scholastic News a couple of weeks ago. I think the message is fantastic.

“A Sip of Life” by Lena Novins-Montague

Ever run out of your house
and rushed off to work?
Ever overslept
 and been late to school?
Is your whole day a blur?
and collapsing at the end of the day
Do me a favor
Close your eyes,
and take a sip of life.
¬†Tastes good, doesn’t it?

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In the world of creativity that I live in, Etsy is a well-known site. It allows you to sell your homemade products online – the stuff on here is beautiful! It is an incredible way to get your products out there and connect with others who do similar things. I could spend hours and hours on there – now I have an even greater reason to shop on Etsy…my good friend, Melissa, started her own shop! Please check out the below and visit her site – you won’t be disappointed!


One item that isn’t on her site yet (but should be soon!) are these amazing crayon rolls that she makes. I am going to be buying just a few for nieces and nephews. It is a great way to keep the crayons organized¬†in a cute, soft, cover. Email her for more details! Enjoy!


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another something digital

So the past few months I have been¬†totally immersed in something fun & creative…okay, ready….scrapbooking! For those that know me well, you are thinking, “you’ve always loved scrapbooking” but now I’ve found a super fun, “greener”, exploratory, and ‘break- from- editing- photos- as- I- sit- day- after- day- at- my- computer’ way of scrapbooking…




I love, love, love it – for a while I wasn’t even going to get into it. I thought ‘another something digital?’ but now that I’ve fallen, I’ve fallen hard and just love the possibilities. I have close to a hundred pages made (and some others items) and am really enjoying it. AND, just to keep your interest level up there – look for more from me about this in terms of photography. Can’t wait!

Here is a little taste of what I’ve been working on for Logan’s book:




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