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Our House = Illness

We have had quite a rollercoaster ride since we’ve been home from our trip. It has been full of fun, time together, and…illness. All through our trip in Mexico I noticed Brian wasn’t eating much. Since we were staying at an all-inclusive place, I was quite surprised. My man usually has quite a stomach for yummy food. This resort we were at had a bunch of different restaraunts to eat at, a couple of buffets, a snack bar that was open 24 hours with enough burgers, fries, and ice cream to last you a lifetime, and still, he wasn’t really eating much. We attributed it to the sun after a while…while the countless number of times I was eating through out the day was attributed to, yes, you got it, the baby! Still, there were a few times that I asked him if he was trying to lose weight on the trip. He looked at me like I was nuts. Regardless, I was confused. Other than that, we didn’t notice anything else. We didn’t have a ton of energy through out the day because we didn’t need it. We were lying on the beach in the sun, who needs a lot of energy?

I was even more confused once we were home and he was still not eating – and now he was going to bed right after Logan did (around 7:30 p.m.). He went in for some bloodwork and his hemoglobin counts were off but that was about it. He was lightheaded, had no appetite, no energy, and terrible night sweats. Those were his symptoms. They sent his bloodwork to Abbot and the tests came back inconclusive. After his second trip to the DR, they did a mono test…it was positive. We have both had mono before and he had all of the symptoms. He has 2 strains of it: Epstein-Barr and Cytomegalovirus. Poor guy! He is finally starting to feel a little bit better and even was hungry yesterday, which is an encouraging change to see. His energy level is a bit higher everyday and we just have to let his body rest up as much as possible and recuperate.

This morning Logan let me sleep in until about 8:20 a.m. I jumped out of bed because I was so shocked I hadn’t yet heard from him. When I went into his room he was awake but not doing much. Just kind of laying there and moaning. He had a temp of about 102.2 this morning. I gave him some tylenol but noticed he was pretty shaky and couldn’t get his footing while trying to walk. So we cuddled for a while and I tried to give him some breakfast. Logan is a cuddler in terms of hugging – he LOVES to give hugs and kisses, which I soak up as much as I can. But as far as rocking him to sleep or him falling asleep in my arms…rarely happens. So after breakfast I noticed him just crying and moaning, he was pretty miserable. I brought him into his room and turned on some music. I laid him on my chest and we just kind of rocked gently. Before I knew it, he turned his head to look up at me and those huge blue eyes were staring into my face. Then they started to drift and he fell asleep. Right about then the baby starting kicking and I had one of the greatest moments ever as a mom. Here was my little bud, not feeling well and completely dependent on me to make him feel better, and my new little baby growing inside of me kicking his or her brother as if to say, “hi! feel better!” It was absolutely adorable and I rocked him them for about 20 minutes before finally laying Logan down in his crib. I loved every second of it!

When Logan woke up 3 hours later, he was burning up – his temp had increased to 104.5 and I called the DR immediately. He was shaking and miserable. The DR told me to bring him to the ER if his temp went above 105 (which felt so high to me!) and administer tylenol and recheck his temp. I gave him Tylenol and within 1/2 hour his temp was down to 103.5. We have an appointment scheduled for tonight if his fever doesn’t continue to get better. He really doesn’t have any other symptoms, which seems strange to me. He laid on my chest all day and this is what he looked like:


I started that blog yesterday afternoon when my son was sick but not horribly sick. I am finishing it with a 6 hour trip to the ER as Logan’s fever increased to 105.1 and we took him to the ER (per the nurse at our ped’s office). We spent 2 1/2 hours waiting to be seen but they had given him some IB to decrease his temperature. It was around 102.5 while we were in the waiting room. He was pretty ‘loopy’ it seemed as he was walking around the play area saying, “Mommy…Daddy….Malmo (elmo)” over and over again. It was hard for B and I not to laugh as we watched him. We were just glad he was actually talking.

His fever then spiked again and this continued on the rest of the time we were there. They ran a bunch of tests, tried to draw his blood and failed until the 3rd try when this amazing nurse was able to get a vile from his tiny little vein. The worst part about that was that they swaddled him like a newborn so only his arm was sticking out. He was so hot from his fever and then the trauma of what he was experiencing that he was beat red and sweating while crying. It was painful for us to watch. His white blood cell count came back fine and his ears, nose, and throat looked okay. They took a chest xray for pneumonia and that was also clean (I couldn’t go b/c I’m pregnant but Bri said he did great in there). They ended up treating him like they would a blood disease, as apparently children can get really high fevers when there is something running in their blood that shouldn’t be there. Giving him a shot in his thigh would eliminate any chance of that continuing. There was no other known cause or ‘source’ from where his high temps were coming from so they were being cautious, I think. We were then instructed to return to our ped’s office the next day for a follow-up, making sure to administer tylenol/IB all night to monitor his high fever.

Logan had a pretty rough night (mine might have been worse :)) with a lot of moaning and periodically waking up. However, this morning when he woke up he was a bit more chipper and his temp was down to 101.3! The lowest it had been in over 24 hours – so nice to see! We went to the DR this morning and they noticed some pussing on his throat. So they determined that maybe the high fever was a symptom of strep. Since he had already had the shot doing a throat culture would essentially be going backwards. So they just gave us an antibiotic, treating his throat like strep for the next 10 days. I was relieved when his temp continued to go down and his spirits continued to rise. For anyone that knows my kid, you know that he is a social little man and loves to be around people. He loves to talk and ‘make friends’ so seeing him so down was difficult for me as his mom. He was so lethargic and clingy – praise God for healing him!

Here are a few pics from last night…

This was the worst of it – when he had a washcloth on his head he was so hot and fell asleep from exhaustion on the bed while B and I were talking…(took this with my phone)

He would still crack a little smile when the IB/tylenol was working at its peak. Shortly after this little ‘stint’ of energy, he would crash again with a high fever.

Brian and I are exhausted – emotionally and physically. But we know that the right thing was done and that Logan will just continue to get better. We are thankful for the places and people we have around us and for our families’ prayers last night. We love you Logan!



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AJ & Nate Wedding: Riviera Maya, Mexico

This wedding was absolutely beautiful, in so many ways. Shooting a destination wedding was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in wedding photography. I loved spending days with the couple, their family and friends before the wedding even took place. I took pictures on the beach, at dinners together, hanging out playing volleyball in the sand, photos of the groom body surfing in the waves, I captured moments with the bride & groom’s friends that wouldn’t have otherwise been caught. It was an entire weeks’ worth of photos, frozen in time for the bride & groom to cherish forever. I was absolutely honored to be there doing this for AJ & Nate. They are such a fun-loving couple with a great body of support in their family and friends.

I have so much I could write about this wedding. The pictures below (be sure to click on the slideshow icon) are more about the wedding day than the actual week. I plan on documenting the week in another entry. What I really wanted to focus on was the story that was told on the beach at the Sandos Caracol Resort on January 10, 2010. The way the bride had carefully traveled with her wedding gown on the plane, the detail that was put into the invitations, the gift bags for those traveling that included an ’emergency kit’ for anyone who may have forgotten to bring bandaids or chapstick (with SPF). The toasts that were made at countless dinners we all had together, the 80+ people that all made their way to Mexico for this wedding, the laughter that the bride & her bridesmaids had when I asked them to ‘pose like aj’ for certain shots (backstory: AJ is an actual model and has been for years, this was a piece of cake for her!), the true nature of the groomsmen – they were so much fun to be around and, as you can tell, didn’t even flinch when asked to pose. The way Nate looked at AJ as she made her way down the aisle, seeing her for the very first time as his bride…ah, the whole thing was just beautiful. There was laughter, tears, and more memories made than can even imagine.

AJ & Nate, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of your incredible journey to Mexico for your wedding! It was truly a blessing for me spending that much time with you guys and your incredible family and friends! What a memorable and amazing week for the two of you. I hope these images are something you treasure for years to come. There are so many more coming your way…but this is your little sneek peek. Enjoy married life to the fullest – blessings to both of you! Love, Jac

AJ, you are stunning!

Loved these shoes! Perk to marrying a guy so tall – beautiful, huge heels!

My husband took this shot of the bride & her dad right before they started walking down the aisle together. I think he’s hired – LOVE it!

Doesn’t she have the best looking laugh?


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Donating Your Time for Haiti

I got this idea from my sister to post about Haiti on my blog (thanks Moppy!). This weekend my family and I are doing a Feed My Starving Children event together – 75% of what is being packed will be sent to Haiti.  What a desperate time for Haiti, for the people, kids & families affected. FMSC is such a wonderful organization and it is so much fun to pack! I’ve done it 3 or 4 times now and love it every time. Target is great at volunteering our time and energy and my team has already done this twice this year, we loved it so much. 

My amazing brother-in-law, Noah, has worked there for about 2 years now and my sister just recently got a job there as well! She will be in the marketing department there and knows how good and faithful the Lord is in bringing them both to this type of company. It will be so wonderful for them to be surrounded my Christian co-workers and doing something they are both passionate about.

My other side of the family (the Senske side!) is also going to do a FMSC event at their church at the end of this month. I feel so fortunate to have families who are willing to donate their time to something like this – so…I’m encouraging you to do the same. They need it. And badly.  

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AJ: 1 Week Old Newborn Session

In early December I attended a baby shower for this mother-to-be. A few weeks later, shortly after Christmas, I was able to meet little AJ (Andrew James). What a sweetheart he is! Lindsay and my husband Brian go way back, their families have been friends for a long time. I have also loved the time I’ve been able to spend with them over the past years, and when we heard Andrew & Lindsay were expecting, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. They are going to be great parents and I loved seeing them in action when AJ was just about a week old.  He stayed awake for the entire session, falling asleep about 2 minutes before I was packing up my equipment. He has beautiful eyes, however, so I loved capturing him wide awake.

Congratulations you two – he is such a wonderful blessing. Can’t wait to see more of you!

One of my favorite games to play with newborns – “where is baby?” and put them somewhere they just don’t belong. Love these shots on the wine rack!

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Back from Mexico!

Brian and I are back from Mexico. We spent a week in the Playa Del Carmen area and had an incredible time! Our friends, Nate & AJ, got married down there on Sunday 1/10/2010 and I was the photographer for their big day. It was my first destination wedding and I loved it! I’m hoping to get a few more of those 🙂 Even though I bawled at the airport on the way there from saying goodbye to Logan, and I cried once during the week after we hung up the phone with him, I was glad we were able to do this trip. I know it is going to be much harder for someone to take our 2 kids than it was for them to take our 1 and it was a great time for Brian and I to just relax and spend time with one another. I’m going to give a full rundown of the trip in a later post…just wanted to say hello!

I’m working on some newborn photos I shot before I left and also getting through the filtering process of the photos from the week of Nate & AJ. There are many photos to come! Stay tuned…


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