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Terese & Jeff Engagement Session: Minneapolis Photographer

I have known this beautiful couple for a long time. The bride-to-be, Terese, is my gorgeous and fun cousin. Her handsome groom is Jeff and they met in college at St. Bens/St. Johns. I love different sessions for different reasons. This one was so much fun for me because of WHO I was capturing (love capturing family!), being at Minnehaha Falls and the beauty that surrounded us, the fun we had doing different and crazy things, the fact that I hadn’t had a session in a while, the list could go on.  It was just a really great afternoon and I loved seeing Terese & Jeff through my lens. They really are a fantastic couple together. I don’t know how many times Terese laughed during our session together. Most of them came from something Jeff did or said. They are so in love and just have a really good time together. I love seeing that. Seeing happy and loving couples is part of the reason I love my job so much. But when I have a personal interest, it is that much more fun for me. I am so excited to capture their wedding this Fall. It is going to be a gorgeous location – more to come!

Terese & Jeff, I am so glad this day is finally here! And your wedding is just around the corner! I have loved watching the 2 of you in your relationship and seeing you interact with each other. You have something very special and I am thrilled you found each other!  I am so honored to be doing this for you – and love both of you! Can’t wait for another wedding together with family!

{turn up your speakers and click the ‘play slideshow’ icon below. see below for additional photos}



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Almost 10 Weeks Old.

Our little Bennett is such a lovable guy. He is such a sweet baby and just a joy to be around. He and Logan just had their 2-month-old and 2-year-old check-ups, and yes, at the same time, and yes, Brian absolutely came with me! Here are their stats:

length/height – 23 1/2 inches (75%)
weight – 14 lbs 2 oz (97%) …we definitely have our little ‘chunky monkey’

length/height – 36 1/4 inches (95%)
weight – 29 lbs (50%)

Bennett got 5 shots, Logan got one. Both handled them like tough guys – stickers helped with Logan, sleeping helped with Bennett. It was an experience! On the way there I had told Logan we were going to see the “Doc Doc” and he kept saying “frow rocks, see phishes, pontoon” and I realized he thought the DOCK at Grandpa & Grandma’s house. That was fun to have to explain to him 🙂

Here are some recent pictures I took of Bennett at 9 weeks. He truly is such a gift – as both of our boys are. He has a gentle spirit but I feel a strong one that we’ll start to recognize later in his life. He is very sweet and laid back so he doesn’t make too much noise except when he has the obvious – hungry, tired, or wet. We’ve kind of decided that Logan took after me and Bennett takes after Brian. The best of both worlds for us. Lately, when we ask Logan who his best friend is, he says “Baby Binit” and we pray this for them in the coming years.

Tomorrow night Bri and I are celebrating our 4 years of marriage together – so excited for a date night!


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Happy Anniversary to my Darling Husband!

Four years ago today I was getting married. I love, love remembering that day! It was hot but beautiful and I loved every second of it. I married an incredible man. Someone that I love more now than I ever have. Someone that reminds me that life doesn’t need to be so complicated and to enjoy the little quiet moments we have together as a family. Bri, I love you so much. Thanks for all you have done for our family and will continue to do so. When we met at 19, I didn’t know that by 28 I’d be married to YOU and share two beautiful little boys with you. Blessed doesn’t even come close to how I feel about our life – and sharing everything with you.

I love you. Happy Anniversary!

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My 2-year-old. I have a 2-year-old?

I remember what it felt like the moment they put you on my stomach. You were so gray-looking. I remember that the most. I knew I was supposed to immediately feel love but instead I just kind of stared at you in shock. I was a new mom. I had no idea what to do except stare as they toweled you off on my stomach. Instinctively, I wanted you closer. So I pulled myself forward just enough to grasp you and pull you into me. That was the first moment I truly held you in my arms. You stopped crying and just stared up at me and your daddy. Then I was able to soak you in a bit more. Your almond-shaped eyes, your squishy little face, your beautiful skin, your serious expression, and the way you just looked at us, even though you couldn’t see us, you knew who we were. I remember looking down at my stomach, still very swollen and huge and thinking “you aren’t in there anymore” and how distant that felt, how surreal. You wait for months and months for this moment and it was finally here and I felt like someone else was experiencing it. But I remember it clearly. I remember what it felt like when they took you away to clean you off and take your measurements, how empty my arms felt, how I craned my neck to watch you every second while the nurses had you. The weight of your dad’s hand on mine when they brought you back. I never wanted to let you go…but I did that night…so we could sleep 🙂 and I loved when the nurses brought you back in at 3 a.m. to eat again. I loved seeing you, I had missed you. Those first days were like nothing I had ever experienced before. You were my first child. My little boy. I had a son – and I was a mom.

Now here you are, our little man. You are two-years-old and you have brought us so much joy. We thank our Lord for you everyday. You are completely full of life and you remind us daily that we should be more like you. You are sensitive, caring, and sweet. You also are determined. You know exactly what you want when you want it, which can be trying for us as your parents, but we love you for it. We feel you will be a leader, you’re strong-minded and yet have a soft heart. You are incredible, Logan, and I hope you always know how much you mean to your Daddy & I. We love you so much.

Happy Birthday, little buddy.

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