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She’s going to the chapel and she’s gonna get married…

I am leaving tomorrow morning with my sister to help her prepare for her wedding on Saturday in GR! I am so excited for them and know these next few days are just going to be a blast! Every girl dreams of their wedding day and I’m so glad Jen’s day is here. I have been dreaming about this day for her too! Helping plan your sister’s wedding and take part in everything is one of the best things about being a sister. We’ve done this 3 times already with our other siblings and Jen & Noah’s wedding will end of string of family weddings with a bang. I can’t wait!

I won’t be checking email while I’m gone. I’ll be back next Monday evening and I’ll respond then. Have a great week!


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Baby Elizabeth

This little peanut just melts your heart the minute you lay eyes on her. She is absolutely beautiful! At 4 weeks old, she was still tiny enough where mom could get her to sleep and we could move her anywhere in the house. It made for some incredible shots. Her mom and I work together at Target and I know everyone on our team was so excited to hear the news that Elizabeth had arrived! We had a beautiful fall day and were even able to take her outside for a few shots.

P family, thanks for having me over for a fun afternoon! It was wonderful meeting Elizabeth and seeing you both. She is such a blessing!

















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Jen & Noah

play slideshow buttonI have been waiting to do this post for a while now.  Mainly because I was so excited about it and I wanted the day to be closer – and now it is! My BEAUTIFUL sister, Jennifer, and her
soon-to-be husband, Noah, are getting married in 2 weeks! I had the extreme honor of shooting their engagement photos one sunny afternoon in downtown St. Paul. We had such a fun
day together and I loved seeing them interact the way they did. They are 2 of the most amazing people I know, and I can’t wait for their wedding day to get here! It is truly going to be a day of celebration and love!

Jen & Noah have been together for about 4 years and on October 3, they will become Mr. & Mrs. Noah & Jennifer Wahl! They are having an outdoor ceremony in Grand Rapids, MN at Ruttger’s Sugar Lake Lodge. Their colors are brown and blue and our dresses are a beautiful midnight/indigo blue. All of us sisters (including Noah’s sister, Sarah) are in the wedding party, along with 2 of Jen’s really good friends. Our niece, Anna, is the flower girl and little Logan is the ringbearer.

Everyone is just really excited for the day to be here and our family could not be more thrilled to officially welcome Noah to the family. After 4 weddings already, it is so comforting to know that the last one is here – and we love all of the in-laws. Noah included. Our family is almost complete.

I love you, Benny & Noah, and am SO honored to be standing up with you on your wedding day. You are both beautiful people with huge hearts for Christ and each other. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for both of you in your marriage. I hope you enjoy your slideshow and know how much you are loved. Yea for October 3rd! Love you!








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We leave tomorrow morning @ 9 AM! I won’t have access to email and most likely won’t have my phone on all too often. I’ll get back to everyone when I’m back next week! Thanks!

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Hello! I haven’t blogged about anything personal in a really long time. That started simply because I didn’t have the time. I felt I was spending so much time in front of my computer for work stuff, that I didn’t want to take more time away from my family and blog about us. I wanted to be immersed in ‘us’ instead of my computer. It was a hard decision but one I needed to make. Thank you for bearing with me through that time and allowing me to just post about work. It was a good break for me!

This weekend Brian and I are headed to Washington for the Pacific Lutheran football game. We had talked about bringing Logan with us, but after thinking it through, realized it would be a much-needed break for he and I to spend some time together. I don’t have my hopes too high that we’ll get a lot of time together, but being there Friday morning through Sunday morning will allow for a few moments together (where he isn’t practicing, holding meetings w/ the kids, going through the game plan w/ the other coaches), which is a lot during football season! Ha! I am also doing all of my traveling with the team – yep, flight w/ the team. Bus ride w/ the team. Hotel w/ the team. It is going to feel like the good ‘ol days when I helped manage the football team and did this with them a lot. Except now I’m a coaches wife – which feels oh so different.

Despite how much or little time I’m going to get with Brian, I’m excited. I’m excited about being away, about being in a hotel (I’m in love w/ hotels – did you know this? Doesn’t matter what kind…just love ’em). I’m excited about Bri waking up to go and have breakfast with the team, and I can just stay in bed and do my morning devotional. I can mosey down to get some coffee, maybe go sit in the hot tub for a while, take a long shower. Ahhhh. I can’t wait. I am going to spend some serious time in prayer and reflection. It is going to be some ‘jacquelyn-time’ which I need right now.

I am making some pretty big decisions when it comes to work (photography/Target). I am finding my balance, which is definitely needed. I have been in a ‘season of waiting’, as I so lovingly have been calling it, for a long time and I continue to press into this season and what it might hold for us as a family. Right now I don’t really know. I know my priorities have been a little off for a while and the Lord clearly spoke to me about them. So now I wait. I’ll have more to update you on later, I am sure, but when I have zero idea. And I’m okay with that.

Because this is a lot of reading for you – I had to post a few pics 🙂 They are on Facebook so some of you have already seen them – but they are the most accessible to me right now. Logan continues to bring joy to our lives everyday. We are working on some discipline techniques right now as he is definitely in ‘that’ stage….the stage of testing his limits. In addition to a season of waiting, I’m in a season of patience. Amazing how the Lord brings us through them.

Happy Fall – I hope you are able to watch some football outside. Enjoy the smell of fall, the leaves, the crispness of the air, ahhh, love it. Bless you today.






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Katie & Adam: Minneapolis, MN Wedding

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I had heard about ‘Katie & Adam’ for years. Family friends of my in-laws, Katie’s family always knew this day would come. So did Adam’s. They were just waiting. And from what I hear…waiting…and waiting. Okay, Adam, enough from me 🙂

What a BEAUTIFUL wedding day!! Katie & Adam are highschool sweethearts, so it was much more than just them getting married in August. It was the joining of two families, two families who have known each other through the best of times, and some of the most difficult times. And what amazing families they were! The siblings truly love each other and spending time together, Katie’s Dad was the officiant for the ceremony, both dads spoke at the reception about how much they love their kids, the wedding party was a blast to be around, and Katie & Adam are just sweethearts.

I have 2 favorites from the day – first, when Adam watched Katie walk down the aisle! I don’t photograph too many weddings where the bride & groom don’t see each other before the ceremony. On this day, Adam really didn’t want to see Katie until she was on the arm of her father, walking towards him down that aisle. Awwww. I loved it! Second, watching their slideshow during the reception. They looked so young in a few of the pictures that you could just feel their love growing as the pictures got older and older. It was so much fun to see the transformation!

Katie & Adam, it was truly an honor to witness your wedding. It was even a greater honor to capture these moments for you. I hope they bring you happiness, joy, and smiles when you see them. All my best as you continue your life together – as husband & wife! Yea!








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