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Back home.

I finally feel settled back at home. I got back from Vegas on Wednesday night, got up Thursday nice and early to head to Brainerd to meet the beautiful Siri Jacquelyn Johnson, who was born literally as I was boarding the plane to Las Vegas on Valetine’s Day. Got home late Thursday night and yesterday just spent the day with my son checking email and getting caught up with Target work. Brian got home last night from Las Vegas and we have been enjoying our day together as a family today – finally all together in one place. Whew. As much as I loved going to WPPI, I missed Logan like crazy. The days couldn’t go quick enough towards the end of my trip.

I can’t even sum up into words what I learned while I was at WPPI. My greatest inspiration was from the people I met while I was there – mainly, my roommates. We had a fantastic time together and I learned so much just from what they do in their own photography work. I am going to process things a bit more this weekend and write more next week about what I plan on changing due to my experiences in Vegas.

The part I’m the most excited for – I bought another new camera body and additional lens. It is going to be amazing! Stay tuned…


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Update from WPPI

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update you from Vegas…amazing! I don’t know how else to describe what I am gaining while I’m here. While the city is definitely not a place I’d ever want to live, I have enjoyed ‘experiencing’ it! And what an experience it has been! There are incredibly talented photographers here (4 of them are in my room with me) and I’m ready to dive into the longer session days tomorrow. I just feel really fortunate to be here and soaking in everything I’m going to. I love my roommates and feel privileged to know them and learn from them. Today we did some profile shots outside together and had a blast. They turned out great! 

Brian flies in on Tuesday and I can’t wait. I have missed he and Logan so much – so I am ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with him here! The first thing I want to do with him is bring him to the light show @ the Bellagio. Beautiful!

On a wonderful and VERY exciting note…my best friend, Jess, had a baby girl on 2.14.09. Siri Jacquelyn Johnson was born and is doing well…the second I get home I’m going to meet her for the first time and will definitely post pics. I am so anxious to meet her. I just feel like she is going to have such a sweet and loyal heart…very similar to her mommy. Jess is such a blessing to me, in so many ways, and I am so glad she has joined me in motherhood. Just another journey of life for us to experience together, sweetie. I love you and am so excited for you and Josh.

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Tomorrow morning I leave for WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) in Las Vegas. I am excited for so many reasons – mainly to listen to the AMAZING speakers who are going to be there. Knowing I am going to soak in a ton of knowledge about photography over the next 5 days and learning from the best. I’m pumped! I’m also really looking forward to rooming with the other 4 wonderful photographers who are going with me. I’ve never seen Vegas, so even though I’m not a huge gambling fan, I’m excited to see the lights, hotels and Vegas action. AND…my husband is coming out on Tuesday so we’ll have a date night there! His work was sending him to a conference the same week…crazy!

All in all, I don’t really know what to expect, but I am anticipating my brain hurting from soaking in knowledge, and thinking about all of the amazing things I can do with my business from here on out. I’ll post pictures as we’re all bringing our equipment with us. If you want to check out the website in more detail about WPPI, here it is.

I probably won’t be on email so I’ll get in touch with everyone when I’m back in town next Thursday. Have a great week!

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Blaine High & my Brother-in-Law

Ha ha, if you know my brother-in-law, Rob, you definitely have to watch this video. He is the dark-haired, skinny guy who starts out dancing on the left-hand side. Rob is Kari’s husband. Kari is my husband’s sister. We love them – their little Parker is our godson and he just absolutely melts our heart. I need to get some new pictures up of him.


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cReATivE iDEas: Valentine’s Day

I LOVE Valentine’s Day! I know people always say its a made-up holiday, or sappy, or only for couples. But I love the idea of a holiday dedicated to loving others. What a beautiful day! You don’t have to be in a relationship, married, or anything…you can simply use this day to say “you mean something to me and I love you for it” You can always add in some candy hearts, a gallon of chocolate, or a few xoxos to make it better…but just use the day to tell someone you love them. How sweet is that!

Now, for those of you in a relationship or married…here are some other ideas:
*Four gifts around the house! This is a great way to save money this year!
*Write a sweet note on your spouse’s mirror for them that morning (white board markers work perfectly for this)
*Decorate a jar (or don’t) and put little pieces of paper in there with things you want to do with your partner, like go ice skating, see a play, watch your wedding video, and from time to time pull out one of those pieces of paper and actually go on a date!
*Make breakfast in bed!
*Rent all of the timeless love story classics and stay in your PJs all day watching them…When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Casablanca, Somethings Gotta Give (more recent), A Farwell to Arms, An Affair to Remember, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (more recent)…the list goes on! 
*Make a coupon book! I love doing this! Coupons can include anything from a back rub, to a night out with the boys, to making his favorite meal for him.
*The Book of Love – this idea is so creative, I’m going to have to try it!


This list goes on and on. I know this year is tough with the economy the way it is. Everyone is trying to save money. There are so many ways to be creative and loving at the same time, without spending a lot of money. Just wake up, give your spouse a kiss and a hand-made card. That should be enough.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Kenna & Adam

This couple was such a fun couple to shoot. I’ve mentioned Kenna before as she is an amazing cupcake artist! Her website is adorable and her cupcakes are fantastic. I highly recommend her!

We had a gorgeous day in downtown Minneapolis the day of Kenna & Adam’s engagement pictures. They have a lot of fun together, which is reflective in their photos. I could have spent the entire day with them! I wish you two the best as you finish out your wedding plans…

















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Logan’s First Ole Basketball Game!

My husband and I are such Ole fans (probably a bit too much!) With him working down at St. Olaf, we’re able to stay in touch with games there. We both love basketball and decided it was time for Logan to see his first bball game. It was great to be down there again and in a familiar place…the gym. I grew up playing basketball and have always loved it. I hope Logan will enjoy it as he grows up, too! After we got back from the game, Logan’s cousin Anna came over to visit. When she comes over we literally don’t have to do a thing but watch them – Anna entertains him the whole time and he smiles and giggles at her constantly. It is the cutest thing ever!

I’m off to a wedding in Milwaukee this weekend – should be a fun one to shoot! I have an engagement session to post from last weekend and the beautiful 40 degree weather we had! More to come soon!







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