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Change and more change.

By now this is ‘old news’ – well, in the world of Facebook and countless other immediate gratification tools I feel like it is. Ha! Isn’t it amazing how quickly we can find out about someone’s life by a simple status update on Fbook, a tweet on Twitter, a text…sending an email seems so old school now. I can’t imagine when my boys are my age where technology will be. Kind of cool to think about but also kinda scary. Alright, so you may or may not know that Brian and I have made some recent changes in our family. The biggest being I’m now a ‘stay at home mom’ a SAHM, apparently. Yes, there are acronyms outside of Target I guess. That one I’ll have to get used to, I think. I officially resigned from Target last Thursday, August 12th. It was such a hard decision for us to make but also kind of easy at the same time. Easy because we felt like the Lord led us down that path. Hard because I was praying for an obedient heart and found myself not wanting to listen. In true Jacquelyn-stubborn form. Everything was calling us to this decision. First, our amazing Nanny Annie was leaving us to join YWAM (Youth with a Mission). Super excited for her and not surprised at all but so saddened to see her go. That really started the train for us to start looking at everything else and determine what made the most sense. Me working part-time and paying for 2 boys in daycare…or me staying home with them and soaking in every last second I can with them before they are 18 and heading off to college. Okay, a little dramatic I know, but I honestly can’t believe how quickly the past 2+ years have gone with Logan. I feel like they are going to get quicker and quicker every year.

So we kept praying. And waiting (always comes back to waiting patiently or maybe just waiting…with us). Finally we knew the decision was here. I was scared. I felt like I was losingĀ a part of myself that I had so loved. The corporate, high-heel, suit-wearing, Starbucks-loving, ‘status’-crazed self. I’m still scared a little bit. I know there will be days where I would pay money to be downtown on Nicollet Avenue going to Panera with girlfriends. Or moments where I wish I was doing nothing but checking emails on my laptop at Starbucks. Or times where I’m reading “How Does a Dinosaur Go To School?” for the hundreth time and wishing I was in the front of newbie Target class training them on HR policies. I will absolutely miss this:

and I will most definitely miss them (and countless others!):

but at this point in my life I would miss them more:

I do want to thank the Bullseye for so many awesome years. I was there for over 6 years and absolutely loved it! I met some of my best friends there, was inspired by incredible people, attended Bible studies there and met some amazing believers, discovered more about who I could be than ever before, and grew up with my Target newbie group – it was an incredible company to work for and I would go back in a heartbeat if that was what the Lord desired for our family. For now, He has other plans in store for us and I am thrilled with what is to come!

I don’t know what any of that is yet…but I do know I’m going to soak up as much time with my little guys as I can. I’m going to encourage my husband and support him in this football season, and I’m going to dive deep into photography! Whoo hoo!

What does this mean for Jacquelyn Senske Photography? It means CALL ME! It means change. It means a lot of ‘NEW’ for me so stop by sometime soon to see some changes coming my way. I am so excited with the results and you’ll see a blog facelift soon! I amĀ ecstatic about having time for this passion and business in my life again, I’m thrilled to start new relationships with clients and keep the old ones solid, I’m filled with nervous energy for all that I want and have to do soon! So thrilled!

Thanks for reading. Thanks to all of you that keep up with our lives through this. Thanks for your support and love. We feel so loved and so encouraged. And thanks Target, and everyone who had an impact on me there, for everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work for.



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Ms Nora Louise Johnson: Baby Photographer, Minneapolis MN

This little cutie was full of personality and spunk! When you see the images, you’ll notice that little Nora wears all of her emotions on her face – from her contagious, wide-open smile, to her adorable, hilarious expressions, she is sure to steal your heart. I have known her mom & dad for a long, long time and it was an absolute joy to watch them as parents. I was even able to watch Grandma in action! They are a beautiful family and Nora has definitely filled them up to the fullest – she is an incredible addition and I love seeing friends so happy and doing exactly what they know they were meant to do.

Sam & Nicole, congratulations on your darling little girl. It was truly my pleasure to capture her adorable 6-month-old antics and watch the two of you with her. She is beautiful and such a light in your lives! I wish you the very best as you watch her grow and change. I hope these images are ones you treasure forever!


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Hello World.

My name is Bennett.

I’m 12 weeks old.

I love to eat….Clearly. I’m a chunk. My mommy loves it.

I can roll over from my tummy to my back.

I’m “talking” more and more these days.

I hope you have a really good day!


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