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Erica & Travis

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We had a beautiful wedding day the day Erica & Travis were married. Lucky for us, the breeze cooled everyone off during the heat. It felt just like August should! Erica & Travis are an amazing couple who compliment each other in the most beautiful way. They had the most wonderful families and wedding party – everyone was so excited for them to get married. Nicollet Island is the most gorgeous place to shoot – so many options…we experimented with most of them and had a wedding party that was willing to try anything!

Congratulations Erica & Travis! Thank you for allowing me to capture this special moment in your life. I wish you the very best as you start your marriage! Congrats!









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Brook & Jake: Alexandria, MN

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This wedding was incredible! Beautiful weather, a wonderful couple totally in love, a gorgeous golf course, a worn-down brick building, a fun wedding party, and a Hummer with “Huey” on the license plate! Brook & Jake are highschool sweethearts and the love surrounding them all day was so exciting to watch. Their friends & family in attendance at the wedding were truly honored to be there, and you could feel the outpouring of love for who they are.

I had a wonderful day with you, Brook & Jake, and pray you have many happy years together as husband & wife! Congratulations!




















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Birthday Thank You!

Logan wanted to tell everyone else thanks for celebrating his birthday with him! These are the very cheap thank yous I made for the wonderful people that came to his party, and for the generosity from others. They worked out great!

Thank Yous copy 2

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Rachel & Julia

These 2 sisters were an absolute joy to be around! Rachel and Julia are about 2 years apart and they have a great time together. Aren’t they beautiful? I always love watching the dynamics of siblings this young. You can pick up on how observant the younger ones are to their ‘big’ sister and Julia was no exception. She wanted to climb UP the slide just like Rachel was. She wanted to swing…just like Rachel did. She basically wanted to do everything she did…except wear the pink tutu I brought along. Rachel gladly threw it on and twirled around the yard. I’ve known their mom through work at Target for about 5 years. She was my very first boss there and it was so pleasing to me to watch her with her family – there is something about taking someone I work with out of that environment that is always fun for me.

W family, thanks for having me over to capture your family! Enjoy your sneek peek!







I love this sequence of pictures – the ‘hugs’ are so adorable!







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Alyssa & Angelo: Grand Rapids, MN

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Driving up the road towards Ruttger’s Sugar Lake Lodge brought back a lot of memories for me. I worked there for 6 years, my husband proposed there, we had our grooms dinner there, and we’re going to make new memories there as my sister is getting married there this October! I was thrilled to be back and capturing Alyssa & Angelo and their beautiful wedding! What a fun, gorgeous couple! There was something special about this couple from the moment I entered the room where Alyssa was getting ready. She was in her dress, just about to see her mom. Already the emotions were high – she was filled with anticipation walking down the hallway towards Angelo. The first time he saw her, I immediately was drawn to his smile. He has a contagious smile that lights up Alyssa’s face. It was a beautiful moment to be a part of. It started raining just moments before they saw each other but it definitely didn’t stop them from being willing to do whatever I asked – Alyssa at one point said, “this dress was meant to be worn, right?’ I loved her spirit as she walked around in gorgeous heels on wet grass. It made for some beautiful images!

I had 2 favorites from this wedding: 1) the wedding party! They were hilarious and so much fun! Angelo had been friends with his ‘boys’ since childhood and you could definitely tell. They even had us curling over in laughter 2) watching Alyssa & Angelo together. They literally couldn’t keep their eyes from one another. Even when I was doing individual shots of Alyssa, she kept looking for Angelo trying to figure out where he was. They were so ready to get married. It was such a beautiful day to be a part of! I also loved the fact that Alyssa and I went to highschool together, then reconnected because we both work at Target together, and I’ve known her family through basketball tournaments and mutual friends for a very long time.

May you have a lifetime of happiness, love & family, Alyssa & Angelo! Thank you for letting me capture your special moments together!











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Infertility encouragement!

Do you remember when I posted this (last paragraph)? I couldn’t say much at the time because our friends had JUST found out that they were expecting, and yet my heart was so full for them, I needed to post something.

They have now hit the 12 week mark and everything with their little surprise, miracle baby is going well! My good friend, sister-in-Christ, fellow photographer and mentor, Noemi, has an amazing story to share. I wanted to encourage MY readers to go to her blog and read her story. If you have struggled with infertility, then you’ll relate to what she has to say.

My hope is that the Lord uses her and her words to touch someone. We love their family and can’t wait to meet baby#3!

Off to a wedding in Alexandria and then heading north to the Senske cabin! Be back next week!

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Pay It Forward

We all know right now that times are tough. Tough is a hard word to define, simply because it is different for everyone. Your ‘tough’ might be someone else’s heaven. Your ‘tough’ might be someone else’s nightmare. Your ‘tough’ is your tough and that’s okay. I felt the desire this morning to encourage someone today. I immediately thought of the movie “Pay It Forward” I love this movie for the simple idea of doing something nice for someone else – and having hope that your behavior and random act of kindness will encourage that individual to do something nice for someone else. What a beautiful thing!

The past few months I have tried to pay it forward through KTIS’ “Drive Through Difference” and I truly do love it! Every time I have gone through a drive thru, I have paid for someone else’s coffee or lunch. It is so amazing to see that smile on their face through your back window when they realize they were blessed by someone – and hopefully planting the seed of Christ in their heart! I don’t tell you this to get comments on how nice I am. Nope. I tell you this to encourage you. To tell you that every once in a while, going out of your way for someone else feels incredible. Even on those days when your ‘tough’ feels really tough – making someone else smile makes a difference, and provides just a bit of sunshine into your life….while providing an invaluable amount of sunshine into someone else’s life!

So today I encourage you to pay it forward by doing something for someone else. And truly think about how. What will have the biggest impact? No matter your motivation, just try it and see what happens.

And just because posts are sometimes boring without a photo – here is a family pic from the first Olaf football game Logan ever attended. This year will be MUCH different! Football starts in just 9 days. I don’t think my husband can even contain himself he’s so excited. It is going to be a great Fall!



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