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Back from my trip to Arizona!

Do you ever have days that just seem like they were gone in a second? Do you know what causes them to go so quickly? Are you more distracted? Are you wishing those moments away? Are you desiring to be someplace else? Hmmm…..why is time so confusing?

I just got back from Arizona late last night. Logan and I went with my mother and father-in-law. We had an amazing time…so relaxing and peaceful. I spent most of my time laying in a floaty in the pool and getting a tan. It was between 86-95 degrees the entire time we were there and not a cloud in the sky. Gorgeous! Brian’s parents own a beautiful house down there with 3 other couples on a golf course. It is so nice to be able to go to another place you can truly settle into – your own bed, your own shower, dresser drawers to unpack in. You have everything you need right there. It was hard being away from Brian – which is maybe why it felt like it went so quickly – that was the reasoning for my questions above. There were 2 days there where I felt like I had been gone for a month. Then the next day it was like I had never left. I just started thinking (b/c I had time to do that this week!) and I wondered why time is like that.

Watching Logan do many of his ‘firsts’ was hard for me without Brian there to witness them – he took his first plane ride (and did so well! One woman commented that she didn’t even know there was a baby on the plane…go Logan!) he got in the pool and loved it, he starting pulling himself up to a sitting position and falling right back over, he became obsessed with mirrors and laughs at himself when he sees his reflection, he got to eat a swanky country club (okay, well I ate there). I realized how precious those ‘firsts’ are and how I don’t want very many of them to happen without Bri there. I know its impossible to predict when his first crawl is going to be, or when he starts to pull himself up on furniture, but I can only hope we will both be there. Logan is giggling and talking so much right now that everyday I feel like he’s changing. He’s over 16 pounds and growing more quickly everyday. He wants to continually pull himself up to a sitting position and gets frustrated when he can’t. I love seeing his little determined face and thinking how often I will see that face – in school, during sports, completing homework and projects – it is amazing to witness his ever-changing personality.

I have just been thinking about the concept of time and how quickly it can pass you by. Maybe I’m thinking that way because I know I only have 3 weeks left before I’m back at work part-time. Maybe it is because I have a little person who reminds me everyday just how precious time is. Maybe its because I’ve lost people close to me, too young to lose them, and sometimes I’m just reminded about their life and the way it just got lost in a capsule, one I wish I could open up and re-live for them. Time is a gift – that is the way I see it. Everyday you wake up and know you have another day with those around you. I’m doing a Beth Moore Bible study right now with some girls and in it she says that she used to wake up with her kids everyday and say, “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it…” I have also started to say that everyday and what a great reminder it is. Rejoice today in knowing that you are given a bit more time. Make every second count.



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Anna Katherine turns 2!

My niece, Anna (who has been a frequent subject of my blogs) turned 2 this past August. While my sister and I were at my parent’s house in Grand Rapids (most beautiful place in the world on the lake) we took some fun photos of Ms. Anna totally being herself. One of the things I love most about her and my other niece, Emmie, is there ability to always explore and be goofy. Don’t you wish you could have a child’s view on life sometimes? Yes they are toddlers, but there is something so innocent about them right now. Their moms probably disagree and say 2 is tough…but I love watching them in this phase of their life.

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Lindsay & Gary

Here are just a few pictures from Lindsay & Gary’s beautiful day. Everything took place in St. Paul, which is a city I absolutely love. The day was beautiful and Lindsay was a GORGEOUS bride. It was so fun capturing moments so special to a friend I have known since first grade. Lindsay and Gary, you two are so wonderful for each other and I was honored to be there with you. There are many more to come but here is your sneak peek!


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I’m here!

Hello long lost blog readers! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to post another entry. I was at a wedding this past weekend and had 2 different people tell me they needed me to post something soon. They are disappointed when they look and its the same one – hate to disappoint my readers so here goes…

I have been busy!  Lots of shoots, lots of editing, lots of visitors and traveling. I was able to shoot a wedding for an old friend of mine. I have known her since about first grade and she asked me to do the photojournalistm/candid shots for her special day. It was a beautiful wedding and I can’t wait to load the pictures this morning! Stay tuned…they will be posted soon!

Logan and I have been having fun during our days – we spend a lot of time playing together on his mat, reading books, and visiting friends and family. We’ve made numerous trips to Target (yep, I said numerous) and even ventured to the Mall of America last week with our friends AJ, Annalis and Soren – Logan’s first time to the Mega Mall was a hit (especially at H & M!)

What’s next? We’re visiting Auntie Jen in St. Paul for lunch tomorrow, I have a wedding with another photographer this Friday, ‘Family Fun Day’ on Saturday because Brian doesn’t have a football game this weekend (we have no idea what ‘family fun day’ consists of), and the apple orchard with aunties, uncles and cousin Anna on Sunday! There will be lots of pics from that trip – can’t wait! Then Sunday Logan and I leave for Arizona with Grandma Senske for the week!

I will try to post again before I leave but go outside and enjoy this crisp, beautiful, fall weather – it is a wonderful time of year!

We had a little 3 month photo shoot with Logan last weekend – here are some pics for you!

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Jackson Tyler

Logan had a little cousin born just 7 weeks after he was – Jackson Tyler Bireley! I have already posted pictures from his arrival in an earlier entry ( but when he was about 2 weeks old we had our first (of many to come!) photo sessions. Here is your sneak peek! He is such a handsome little boy…

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Britny & Ryan

Next May, I have the honor of shooting this beautiful couple’s wedding. Britny & Ryan are high school sweethearts, and I met Britny when we were at St. Olaf together. She found my website ( and asked me to capture her wedding day. It will be such a fun wedding!

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Does the weather change this quickly every year? I feel like I got out of bed yesterday morning and had to put my wool socks, sweatshirt and sweatpants on. It is definitely Fall! And like everything in my life, this is not a typical fall for me. This fall, I have a child. A child who gets cold, much easier than me, and my husband refuses to turn on the heat. “It’s still September…” is what he says. So I dress Logan in a hat, socks, a sweatshirt and sweatpants…so he can match mom. But more so I don’t have to watch his lower lip quiver. Ha ha, its not that bad! But it definitely feels colder outside – always takes some getting used to!

This week has been busy and it’s only Tuesday – I love being busy. But I also love being home. I’ve realized that about myself over the past couple of years. I love to just be home some days. I try to pick one day a week where I won’t change out of my pjs (except to some warmer pjs) and Logan and I will just stay home and do nothing. I may work on some editing, but other than that we just stay home and spend time together. I know this will be even more important as Logan gets bigger and we have other children – family time together at home will be crucial. I love that time and I look forward to it. I think Logan does too – he knows when he is home and in his own room and he loves it.

Today my sister and niece, Anna, came over so that I could go and help my friend Noemi clean her new house. I love having family so close for so many different reasons – the biggest is because they know me best and they aren’t far away. I love being able to see my sisters on a weekly basis! Another great reason – they are the BEST aunties and are always willing to help me out (and love to see Logan). It was so nice knowing Logan was with Renae and cousin, Anna. My parents were also down this past weekend. It was so wonderful to see them and they couldn’t believe how much Logan had changed.

The rest of the week consists of photo sessions, a walk with AJ & the kids, homecoming at St. Olaf this weekend (UM YA YA!) and girls night with Ang and Meg. Yea! Have a great week everyone and stay warm!

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