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More of little Maxwell…

Here are a few more of Maxwell Jeffrey – he was 5 days old (almost) when I took these. Look at how tiny and precious he is! We had a great afternoon together moving him to different areas of the house. I love when they are so little and sleepy – they make the best subjects. I know his Mommy & Daddy are doing a great job and loving every minute of parenthood. I am so honored to be able to bless them with these photos.























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There’s No Place Like Home.

We made it! What a beautiful, fun, enjoyable trip we had with Brian’s family to Arizona. We landed last night at 8:20 MN time and were home a little after 9 PM. We fell into our bed, which felt like cotton balls, and slept really hard in order to make it to church this morning. It was a fantastic trip! Lots of swimming, laying by the pool, golfing for the guys, and a girls shopping day with no kids! It was great to be with Brian’s mom and 2 sisters, Megan and Kari, and just take a really long lunch together. I am so incredibly blessed to have the in-laws that I have and I love them dearly.

We didn’t, however, get much sleep on the “vacation” (isn’t that what you’re supposed to do on vacation? Not anymore! :)). With 4 kids all under age 2 1/2, there isn’t much sleeping. One night I told Brian it sounded like we were in a slaughter house, with every kid crying. Emmie, Papa (Grandpa) and Nani (Grandma) did the best as they were in a separate wing of the house. Jackson, Parker, Logan and all of the parents were a different story. I think Parker got up every morning between 4-5 AM, up and ready for the day. Jackson and Logan were right behind him. It was pretty hilarious. After the first day or two that just became the norm and we kind of expected it.

I have so many pictures to post from that trip, as well as some pics I took right before I left of little Maxwell. Thank you for your prayers for Logan’s ears – he did GREAT on both rounds of the trip and was just a trooper. So excited to post pictures so you can see some of Logan’s adventures. More to come!

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Leaving on a Jet Plane!

I’m busy packing at home today – Brian, Logan and I are going to Arizona for the week! We fly out tomorrow with Brian’s parents, his sister Kari and her son, Parker, his sister Megan and her husband Mike, and kids Emmie & Jackson. That’s right – 4 kids on a plane all under the age of 2.5 years. Lucky for those other riders 🙂 Brian’s parents own a house near Phoenix with 3 other couples. It is right on a golf course with a beautiful pool and a nice patch of grass. Perfect for our family. We are pretty excited!

I am having a difficult time with the plane ride. Logan and I went there in October with Brian’s parents. So he experienced his first ride at about 3 months old. Now he is an entirely different kid – with ‘ears that are a mess!’ (quote from the DR we saw on Tuesday). So I brought him in on Tuesday after he was running a 102 temp and just not himself. I figured it was most likely another ear infection (he had just finished his 10 day dose of medication from his last ear infection 3 days before) and sure enough the DR said, “so how miserable has he been?’ and proceeded to explain to me that his right ear drum had definitely burst (which I already knew) and that a hole was still there. And that his left ear had fluid build-up and junk in there. Then we started talking about tubes. I had tubes as a kid and apparently your kids can inherit your ear canal (poor buddy) so I think we are going to discuss this as his upcoming 9 month appointment. I would rather just get them and not worry about ear infection after ear infection. I’m thankful that he talks like he does though! My mom told me that I was a late talker due to not being able to hear from so many infections. So that is a blessing. He is also just a really good kid. The only way we know something is up is that he doesn’t really want to eat and doesn’t sleep great. He usually has a temp but other than that, he’s a pretty happy camper. I think he has just gotten used to the pain. To him, an ear infection is normal, so he doesn’t make it a big deal. It just breaks my heart.

So, like a worried Mom, I’ve been having dreams about me running up to the stewardess shouting “You have to land the plane!” and Logan is sitting there with drips of blood coming out of his ears – talk about a nightmare! We have been laying our hands on his ears everyday in prayer. We know the Lord can heal him so we’re asking for anyone who prays to please pray us tomorrow around 2-2:30 (when we board and take-off). I will be so glad when we are up in the air and he has survived the terrible popping and pressure in his little ears. He has been on his antibiotics for 3 days and has some drops as well.

Have a beautiful week in MN!! You should have nice weather and beautiful singing birds (I love this right now!) so enjoy it!

*For my clients, we will be in touch when I am back and settled. I won’t be checking my email (or going anywhere near a computer – yes, intentionally) so please be patient and I will respond as soon as I’m back. Thanks so much!!

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Ann & Kevin

This beautiful couple and I had such a great time together! Ann & Kevin have a blast together, as you will quickly realize when scrolling through their photos, and I loved enjoying a 50 degree day with both of them. They are both from other states…however, they have decided to have their 2010 wedding in Minneapolis, MN! Yea! That means a lot of family & friends coming into town, and days and days of festivities (okay, maybe two or three days) surrounding their very special day.  

I wish you two the very best as you continue to plan and prepare for welcoming your loved ones to MN. Thanks for letting me capture you together!



















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For you Moms out there…

My good friend, Jennifer, sent this on to me and I had to share it. Get ready for some teary eyes.

“The loving mother teaches the child to walk alone.
She is far enough from him so that she cannot actually support him,
but she holds out her arms to him. She imitates his movements,
and if he totters, she swiftly bends as if to seize him,
so that the child might believe he is not walking alone…
And yet, she does more. Her face beckons like a reward,
an encouragement. Thus, the child walks alone with his
 eyes fixed on his mother’s face, not on the difficulties
in his way. He supports himself by the arms that do
 not hold him and constantly strives towards the
refuge in his mother’s embrace, little suspecting
 that in the very same moment that he is emphasizing
 his need for her, he is proving that he can do without her,
because he is walking alone.”

~19th century Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard


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Mackenzie Kay

This beautiful 6-month-old is a blessing in so many ways – and I was blessed by being able to spend my Saturday morning with her. She loved the camera (she must get some practice) and often times wanted to grab the lens right out of my hands. It brings me so much joy to see parents who adore their children, and Mackenzie was a true miracle to her dad & mom. Her mom, Tanya, works at Target with me and I know she is a big-time scrapbooker…these pictures will be recorded in Mackenzie’s history. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Look at those eyes…




















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a very familiar face: Jackson Andrew!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve definitely seen this little man before (1 year, 9 months, 6 months). Fondly referred to as “j-man” Jackson is a busy little guy right now.  One of the best parts of my job is growing with a family, right alongside them. I feel that way with this one. Jackson is now 18 months old! So fun for me!

Thanks, J & A, for allowing me the pleasure of growing in my photography while you watched your son grow. It has been such a joy for me to be a part of his ‘moments’ Enjoy your sneak peek!


















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