Introducing Bennett Harker Senske {7 days old}

We’re happy to announce that we had another little addition to our family – and he was a BOY!

Bennett Harker Senske
May 9, 2010 – yes, Mother’s Day!
8 lbs 2 oz.
21″ long

First, I’ll give you the meaning of his name. Bennett in Latin means ‘blessed‘ We had always loved the name but for me it was more solidified during the rough patch we hit this winter with sickness in our house and the worry over this little baby inside of me and whether or not he/she would have CMV. After that, I loved the name even more and truly felt blessed to be carrying another child that seemed healthy through the ultrasounds – the initial tests done at the hospital on little Bennett are also very positive and all looks great with him!  Harker is my mom’s maiden name –  my grandparents are my godparents and have played a huge role in my life growing up and into adulthood. If this little one was a boy or girl, the middle name was going to be Harker. We loved it and love middle names with meaning – Harker suited Bennett. Logan is now calling him ‘baby Binit’ and the name fits.

I had a little mini-session with Bennett when he was 7 days old – luckily my husband likes what I do because he was a great help with my props. Every time I look at him I can’t believe he’s ours. And that I’m a

{mom of 2 boys}

It feels so right to me. We are so blessed. Even though this is a huge transition in our life, and some moments are harder than others, the joy these boys will bring us over the years is unimaginable. This is our family. Wow. Thank you, Lord.

some awake time in his bouncer…

{brothers} at the hospital…love these…


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10 responses to “Introducing Bennett Harker Senske {7 days old}

  1. Renae

    ok – hand down – the cutest little boy yet!!!!!!! oh my goodness – sooooooooo adorable – little brian with a little jac – love these pictures – love them – love them!

  2. Sara F

    It does not get much cuter than this! Love these pictures!

  3. Angela Kaczrowski

    he is beautiful Jac! And he has his mommy’s dimples!!

    i can’t wait to catch up and see how things are going with both boys. Love you and thinking of you often!

  4. B

    Best Mom ever! thanks for all you do J.
    Glad the kids look like you.

  5. Linnea Donahue

    Jac – Your family is so beautiful! I just got done reading your mother’s day blog and I am wiping tears off of my face. Motherhood is such a gift! What a wonderful tribute to your mom!

    I would love to bring you guys a pan of home made lasagna and meet the little fella! Just let me know what times work for you – I can drop and run! 🙂

  6. i am crying right now…because i am just SO happy for you guys. when i told todd you had another boy…he said the same thing you did in this post…it just fits you guys! i see lots of football games in the future.

    my heart is SO happy for you jac! enjoy that new little blessing! and say hi to logan and brian for us.

    it almost makes me want to have another…but, i am just not sure yet on that one 🙂

  7. Kayla

    Congrats on your new addition Jac! He is so cute! Dustin and I are so happy for you! we can’t wait to meet him!

  8. Jen Jarrett

    Congratulations! He is absolutely precious! Best wishes to you all!!

  9. Mom

    Daughter…so, you have captured on film another precious son, and with his eyes closed he is your twin! Then he opens them and I see your husband. So proud and happy for you and your family. Love you tons.

  10. Auntie Nen

    I just love him!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so amazing at photography, and being a mother. You have an extremely supportive husband too which is so great!!!

    I love you all to pieces and am anxious to come visit my two nephews… and their parents to 😉

    love you guys…

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