Becky Higgin’s BIG Photography Giveaway

I first learned of Becky Higgins when I decided to do this ‘Project Life’ thing I’d been hearing so much about. It was my 2010 project goal and I’ve loved doing it. To learn more about PL, visit here. I started following Becky’s blog on a regular basis and one day I saw that she was calling attention to all photographers. Naturally my ears burned with anticipation when I learned that I had the opportunity to give my talent away…for free…to one deserving family. I was in.

I believe we are blessed with gifts that the Lord gives us and He gave me the gift of creativity, of a photographer’s eye, of the ability to use light and subjects to create beautiful pieces of art for families to treasure for years to come. I so wanted to participate in this.

So I am.

And coming up in a day or two my photography will be featured and I will have the chance to choose one deserving family to win a photo session. If you’d like to learn more, visit the site below and stay tuned for updates! My favorite part about all of this – seeing how many photographers were willing to donate their time, energy, gifting and money into this! There are a ton of photographers from MN – LOVE it!

Hopefully we’ll have a baby update for you soon! Things are progressing along nicely – just waiting for this little one to arrive! You know how I love a good post with a few pics…here are some updated ones for you:

spent the afternoon at Chutes & Ladders together…so much fun…

got our deck stained and got new furniture, so wonderful to eat out there!

my best friend, brady, got married in LaCrosse to an amazing girl, Katie. It was a beautiful weekend w/ friends & family!

new haircut and highlights before baby arrives

He shoots, he scores! Logan’s new favorite activity – thanks Grandpa & Grandma!

his other new ‘favorite’ the baby’s carseat!

how do you know that spring is officially here – freezies! love them, eat them constantly

and finally…baby belly at 38 weeks. whoa…little one needs to join us soon 🙂


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2 responses to “Becky Higgin’s BIG Photography Giveaway

  1. oh jac, what great pictures and i am so happy you are doing the big photography thing with Becky…just love her blog.

    i owe you an email…which is coming. i miss you so much! we need to see each other soon.

    praying for that new little life you have coming soon.
    love ya!

  2. Thanks so much for participating in Beckys Photo session giveaway in MN! Your photos are amazing! And good luck with that new little one on the way!

    Kathy in Rochester MN

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