Ms Nora Louise Johnson: Baby Photographer, Minneapolis MN

This little cutie was full of personality and spunk! When you see the images, you’ll notice that little Nora wears all of her emotions on her face – from her contagious, wide-open smile, to her adorable, hilarious expressions, she is sure to steal your heart. I have known her mom & dad for a long, long time and it was an absolute joy to watch them as parents. I was even able to watch Grandma in action! They are a beautiful family and Nora has definitely filled them up to the fullest – she is an incredible addition and I love seeing friends so happy and doing exactly what they know they were meant to do.

Sam & Nicole, congratulations on your darling little girl. It was truly my pleasure to capture her adorable 6-month-old antics and watch the two of you with her. She is beautiful and such a light in your lives! I wish you the very best as you watch her grow and change. I hope these images are ones you treasure forever!



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5 responses to “Ms Nora Louise Johnson: Baby Photographer, Minneapolis MN

  1. Nicole

    These photos are even more amazing than I could have imagined! Thank you so much for this gift! We loved having you at our home and will be sure to have you back as Nora grows bigger and bigger.


  2. Lovely family! I’m so glad you are shooting still…even as your family expands! You are an incredibly gifted photographer.

  3. Keely

    I have the most adorable niece. Awesome photos!

  4. renae

    You are such a good photographer!!! I love all the color in the first few pictures – wow! they all look soooo good. Good job Jac!!!! I’d hire you!!!

  5. Aunt Kathy

    Sam & Nicole,
    Incredible! I love Nora with Fetch, I love the family photos, I love every photo of Nora! I love you guys!

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