Quick Update

Wow how I have neglected this beautiful thing called my blog. I love having the ability to blog. I have always been a journal-writer and this allows me to do that and attach pictures without using glue and scissors! It also is out there, for whoever to read, instead of me feeling obligated to send updates via email or other communication methods. I love it!

We have been B.U.S.Y. but good busy. Brian has recently left me for the boundary waters. I bawled when he left because when I’m tired I’m an absolute disaster when it comes to my emotions (my family would argue I’m always a disaster when it comes to my emotions – they may have a point). And I was scared he was leaving me for 5 days. How was I going to handle both boys when he was gone? We are on day 2 and things are good! The thing I’ve realized about parenting is that you kind of dive head first into most situations – and you usually don’t figure it out until you’ve hit the bottom and have to pick yourself back up. We have good moments and horrible moments. We have awesome moments and kind of icky moments. But they are our moments and I love that. I love my boys and am loving them more and more everyday.

Logan is hilarious right now and I love watching him try to figure life out. He is constantly singing – like this morning at the gym. I was changing his diaper in the women’s locker room and he started singing ‘twinkle twinkle’ soon this little girl was joining him and the ladies standing around thought it was the cutest thing ever. That was how Logan was going to pass the time as I was changing his diaper. He has always loved to read, but recently wants to hold a book other than the one you are reading while you’re reading to him. And as you’re reading, he’s kind of watching and listening, but also flipping through ‘memen’s book’ (= Logan’s book) and reciting it line for line. Toddlers memories are incredible. He has more books memorized than I do!

My mom was here last week with me which was so amazing. She is great with my kids and I always enjoy her company – thanks for coming to help out Mom!

Bennett is doing great. He is well over 11 pounds now and fondly referred to as my ‘chunky monkey’ my dreams of having a chunker might be coming true! He is a really good and happy baby right now and is becoming more and more alert as the weeks pass. I can’t believe he is almost 6 weeks old. Time has been moving much too quickly. Nights are okay – he is going about 4-4.5 hours inbetween feedings, which is a nice change from the 3 hours. Counting down until that gets even longer – but still trying to not wish away moments.  It is amazing how many months pass before you as the mom actually get to sleep through the night! We are pregnant for so long and getting up to use the bathroom all night for months leading up to delivery…then we have them and it just continues…whew.

I’m plenty busy but find myself needing to put my focus on other things than just my kids at times. My sister Michelle and I are planning our huge Perreault Family Reunion in 2012. This is not just our family – but my grandpa’s siblings families – so it ends up being hundreds of people. It is a blast but a huge undertaking. I have enjoyed pulling out my laptop and working on color-coded excel spreadsheets. Ha! I never thought I’d miss that busy work from Target but I do! I’m also looking into some other photography ideas and trying to get some work done there. There is only a few minutes, sometimes 1/2 hour a day, when I have time though…so it goes quickly and not many decisions have been made. Hopefully by the end of the summer though!

I’m working on the boys scrapbooks as much as I can. I’ve realized that by doing things differently I end up creating much more work for myself than necessary but I do enjoy it. I’ll try to post some of those pages as well so you can see them…all in all, we’re getting the hang of things around here and I’m soaking in those boys of mine. They keep me on my toes but are so worth it.

I’ll end with a few photos:

one of our favorite things to do right now is play with water on the deck – logan stays entertained for hours and loves it! my little guy is almost 2!

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  1. I love you and your beautiful growing family. I love that you are an emotional being…your tenderness is stunning. I love your boys. i love that Leyton is growing up with Logan!

    You are precious to me!

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